Outsourcing Partner

More time for strategic Management

You want to concentrate completely on your core competence and disengage yourself from less strategic relevant work packages?

Then we should come together and discuss your options for an outsourcing of procurement services- completely or concentrated according to your wishes- e.g. indirect procurement areas. As a purchasing service provider we take over the comprehensive procurement responsibilty for our customers, both in sourcing and in operational purchase order processing. Typically we provide all buying processes including the merchandise management system of the customer.

We help you to reduce your procurement costs significantly while maintaining consistent product quality and delivery performance.

As a purchasing service provider we assume the entire operational and strategic purchasing responsibility of our customers.

Our service can also be focused on outsourcing of certain purchasing processes- such as purchasing of non-production material, handling of indirect purchasing, support in certain product categories- depending on the requirements of our customers.

Your benefits:

  • immediate reduction of personnel costs and legal expenses
  • 100 % transparency by processing in customer-specific ERP system
  • Fixed costs become variable costs and decrease significant
  • Sustainable optimisation of the procurement prices and buying processes through the use of bundling and synergistic effects in operational and strategic areas
  • effective, efficient and cost-oriented processing i. a. through the implentation of electronic procurement systems
  • constant sufficient resources in the operational area enable us to bridging order peaks as well as vacation and illness-related bottlenecks
  • Procurement experts in all main product groups and groups of material
  • Procurement know-how and increased transparency about current market developments
  • Identifaction of new and qualified sources
  • Development of new markets- international procurement
  • Enhancement of internal business processes of our customers- best pracitce orientation 

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