Global Sourcing

Inexpensive Worldwide High-value

The use of the global procurement markets create opportunities to minimize costs but also causes challenges in different topics. 

Benefit from our long-standing experience in supplier qualifications, quality control, logistics as well as legal questions and monetary matters. Our sound knowledge of languages and market, together with on-site locations, e.g. in Shanghai, guarentees the professional service you expect. 

We open international procurement markets for you.

Since 2006 already, we have been using procurement sources in China and thereby we have a lot of experience on the Chinese market as well as the local quality control.

Your benefits:
  • Direct contact with the producer (no cultural-and language barriers)
  • Ensuring a stable delivery of your products at attractive purchase prices and in high quality
  • Transparency by permanently local market observation
  • Synergistic-and bundling effects results in substantial purchasing volume thereby we have been providing a lot of notable medium-sized businesses with variegated product categories from China for years 
Clear Procedure, Verified Procedure:
  • Base analysis: we analyse your current supplier and product structure and identify possible potential savings
  • Preparation and creation of the contract specifications
  • Supplier selection
  • Announcement, bid appraisal, negotiating of purchasing conditions
  • Transfer of transparent and clearly recommendation for action
  • Complete processing of operating buying process-incl. quality assurcane in China, coordination of the payments, execution of logistics and payment of duty
  • Sustianable, continuing assistance and consultancy by our experts 

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